Physiotherapy is an evidence-based and natural medical treatment.
The aim of physiotherapy is to reduce the symptoms of the injured site or problem area in order to gain normal function.
We will do clinical reasoning to assess Information about the causes, cause of the cause of the actual problem.
We also give you Instructions to prevent new injuries or learn you about ergonomics,

We provide following treatments.

  • KG

  • KG-Gerät

  • KG-ZNS

  • MT

  • FT

  • CC / CMD

  • ML 30/45/60

  • M

  • F

  • FR

  • Others

  • MTC


The European working process can be different to American Physical Therapy. After registration at the front office, the physiotherapist will first assess your problem, medical history and relevant issues. The next step is the physical observation and examination. This is where he will match the symptoms you told us about to visible asymmetries and the movement patterns of your body. Most of this is hands on and will require us to be able to exam your joints and muscles. That way the dysfunctional structures can be identified.

Therefore you may be asked to remove some clothing (modesty will always be preserved). Please dress comfortable. Your treatment will encompass a combination of manual therapy, exercise therapy, home-exercises and instructions in order to achieve optimal recovery. Your doctor or physician can prescribe you additional therapies like heat therapy, ultrasound or electrotherapy.

After treatment the physiotherapist will do a short reassessment to find out if the treatment has improved your situation.

Note: Ask your insurance company in advance if a service in Physical Therapy is paid.